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Dave, what are you doing Dave?

Please tell me you aren’t making another SBAHJ.



also, this swag mofo Ahmerst won the owwl at AWA!


Friends on the Other Side [A Kurloz Fansong]

I heard that Dr. Faciller was the headcanon voice of Kurloz for some people, and this idea was given to me in a stream.

This was fun to write, and sing (although it scratched my throat something fierce), and I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


don’t you patronize me, motherfucker

shame my religion, or deride

you’re in my bubble now, not your world

and i’ve got friends on the other side

that’s an echo, gentlemen

little parlour trick we have here in the afterworld

sit down at my table, put your thinkpan at ease

if you’ll relax it will enable me to do

anything i please

i can conjure messiahs

i can warp them round some too

ill stare deep in to your heart and soul

you do have a soul, don’t you cronus?

make your wildest dreams come true

i got chucklevoodoo

i got hoodoo

faygo flavors i aint even tried

i got friends on the other side

the codpiece, the codpiece, the codpiece will tell

the past, the present and the future as well

the codpiece, the codpiece, the angels of three

take a little trip in to your future with me

now you, young cronus

are from beneath the sea

you come from two long lines of royalty

i’m a royal myself on my ancestor’s side

your lifestyle’s high

but your love life’s low

you need to pail a little hunny

an empress with dough

it’s the girls it’s the men it’s the love you need

and when i look in to your bubble it’s the love that i see

on you, brain-dead man, i dont want to waste much time

you’ve pushed round all your life

youve pushed round by your matesprit

and your moirail 

and your kismesis

and if you werent braindead

you’d still be pushed round all your life

but when i look in to your future, the you i see

is exactly the helsman you always wanted to be

come on boys, shake my hand

wont you shake a poor motherfucker’s hand?


are you ready?

are you ready? 

transformation central!

reformation central!

miracles all up in this bitch!

can you feel it?

you’re changin (x3)

i hope you’re satisfied

but if you’re not, don’t blame me

you can blame my friends on the other side!!

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Yayy I’m in this as God Tier Dave!!  :D

words cannot describe how fuckin awesome this is


I love this, it makes me smile.

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I want to do Derse Jammies Roxy with a Serenity hairclippy :3




John and Dave play SBURB


I love it when this pops up on my dashboard

This still makes me die laughing.

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Annnnd here are the others. I like the LE ones because each of the tongues is a different color :3

So I got bored and decided to make some custom Converse.

And then I made some for the kids. I also made some for Doc Scratch.