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I'm a nerdy cupcake maker that lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Sometimes I dress up and take pictures of myself.

If you're offended by the word "fuck" and sexual innuendo, please don't follow me.

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We hit 500 followers! Which means GIVEAWAY!!!! before I delve into the exact details of the contest I wanna say thank you so much to everyone who follows us and made this possible. In just under 1 year we accrued 500 followers. Special thanks to Layanie our 500th follower!!!


there are 3 ways to enter tumblr, facebook, and twitter.


Send an Email to containing your tumblr name

(must follow us on tumblr)

Send A tweet to @EXPBarOnline

(must follow us on twitter)

Post on our Facebook Wall

(must like us on Face book)

OR you can do all three for 3 entries!!


1 grand prize winner will get to choose a cocktail or shot for us to design, some sweet video game swag attained at E3, an exp bar online shot glass (1 of only 10 currently printed) and a mystery bag!!!!

2 first place winners will receive a mystery bag of goodies.

So get to entering guys! contest ends august 1st and winners will be announced august 15th! (our 1 year anniversary)


Homestuck Giveaway!

As a thank you to the Homestuck fandom for being so amazing, and as a belated thank you for 100 followers, I’m giving away a custom-made felt plushie! But, you may cry, I don’t want a John, Rose, or Karkat! Instead, do you want a Derse dreamer Nepeta? Aradia in sprite form? Or perhaps Jade in her Iron Lass dress? That’s totally cool! I’ll make it to fill your wishes and dreams!

Information: You’ll get one plushie, based on any character in any outfit, from Homestuck. They rarely stray from a foot or so in length, and are made of felt, stuffing, and smaller other bits. I can ship to anywhere.

How to enter:

  • Likes and reblogs count.
  • You can reblog this post up to nine times, which, plus one like, will give you a total of ten entries!
  • You don’t need to be following me to win! (Although follows are greatly appreciated!)
  • Finally, the contest closes November 1st, and a winner will be picked. Please keep your ask boxes open!

That’s about it! Any questions, throw them in my ask box. Good luck to everyone!

These are so cute! <3


YEAH!!!!!!!! to selebrate how many of you brops are folllowign this CRAZY ass blog were gona give away some necklaces cobeled togethr by sweet arts! six total ar on up fore grabs so to enter for a chans to win you gota:

be a folower

reblog thist post (one reblog per persen)

hav swag

this is a short deel runnin from rite now until 11:59 tuedsey nite. winars will be anounsed rite away after close so HUREY UP man! an maek sure your ask is open!

Only cause I have a madcrush on SA&HC and their insanity.

My Homestuck Cross-Stitch Giveaway ends on the 25th. That’s like 10 days from now.

The only requirements were to follow me and re-blog the original post. Once I pick a random winner, I’ll contact you for the specifics and in a month you’ll have some nifty art.

So, yeah, get to it.

I found my pattern again, there it is in case you want it too. I’m gonna start looking for the right colored fabric and figure out how to make the horns, probably out of felt layered on itself in the proper order. I’ll probably start it next month, after I finish up knitting my first ever scarf and the Cross Stitch Giveaway that I have going on until August 25.

So, as some of you might have heard, I enjoy cross stitching. What some of you might not have heard, since I haven’t actually said it at all til now, is that I don’t want to fill my walls up with wonderful cross stitched delights. I’m working on the frames for my 4 original renderings of the Kids’ symbols, it’s gonna be awesome, and I realized.. that after that, I can’t think of anything I want personally.

This is where it gets interesting. I think I’m gonna do a give away of some awesome cross stitched awesomeness. All you kids have to do is follow me and reblog this, saying what you want and why. It can be anything (within limits, of course, I’m not a god. Yet.) from the Homestuck fandom that you can think of, from the symbols to a quote, whatever.

I’m gonna let this stay open til August 25, which is a month from now (and like a week before Dragon*con). On that day, I’m gonna do a random generator and pick the winner. Sound good?